McNair Scholar, Ashlynn Main Receives Full Funding for PhD Program in Political Science at Washington State University

May 14, 2024

McNair scholar, Ashlynn Main, has received full funding to attend a PhD program in Political Science at Washington State University.  Ashlynn is a first-generation college student, and very much a leader in how she has paved an academic path in her family for others to now follow.  She stems from a marginalized, humble family background, and uses this experience as motivation and fuel to empower others socialized similar to her.  During her time in our Communication program, its curriculum, and related study abroad pursuits, she fell in love with critical reading, research, and academic writing.  She sees each of these as utensils to fighting for historically underserved populations.  She is dedicated to giving back to her community and the world at-large through her educational dreams and acquiring specific academic skillsets.  Her passion is honestly quite inspiring.